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Girls Gone M.I.L.D…We are redefining beauty! 

Girls Gone M.I.L.D. is a brand and initiative Julie created to help inspire women and girls of all ages to recognize and embrace those qualities that make us beautiful beyond our looks... to see that our truest beauty comes from the way we live and love; not the way we look. There’s nothing more beautiful than a loving, passionate, strong, confident, courageous, happy, empowered woman who is making the most of the life she’s been given! Are you living beauty-FULLY? Beautiful looks fade, but a beauty-FULL life keeps you beautiful forever... Bring out your M.I.L.D. side (Make a difference, Inspire others, Live fully, Dream big) and use it to make life beautiful for yourself and for others. Girls Gone M.I.L.D. are beautiful for the way we use our hearts to love and care for others. We are beautiful for the way our lips speak kindness, honesty and encouragement. We are beautiful for the sparkle in our eyes that comes from following our dreams and passions as well as inspiring others to follow theirs. We are beautiful for the way we use our minds and talents and work hard to reach our potential and overcome our challenges. Our beauty shines from the inside out. Girls Gone M.I.L.D. have smokin’ hot hearts, gorgeous minds and ambition, big dreams and goals, and are well-endowed with confidence, courage, strength and determination. And we use those qualities to make life beautiful for ourselves and for others! We love bringing beauty to those around us.

Remember—our bodies aren’t our masterpiece; our life and heart is. You only get one chance at life...Live it Beauty-FULLY!

Through her Girls Gone M.I.L.D. brand, she uses her products (fun, inspiring apparel with empowering quotes) to share her Beauty FULL LIVING tips... 

 Girls Gone M.I.L.D. Beauty Full-Living Tips(TM)  

1. For beautiful eyes, look for ways to spread kindness, love and positivity 
2. For beautiful lips, speak honestly, considerately and respectfully
3. For beautiful ears, listen openly, understandingly and patiently
4. For a beautiful heart, love unconditionally, be grateful and forgiving
5. For a beautiful mind, learn, grow and try new things  
6. For a beautiful face, smile, be silly and laugh often
7. For a beautiful complexion, shine confidently, uniquely and passionately 
8. For beautiful hands, reach out to others with compassion, empathy and love
9. For beautiful arms, lift others up with encouragement, support and praise
10. For beautiful legs, take brave steps toward your dreams and goals
11. For beautiful muscles, grow stronger through challenges
12. For a beautiful life, live each day to the fullest and live without regrets! 


Girls Gone M.I.L.D.
!  W
e are Beauty. Redefined. 

We are beautiful, but not for the traditional reasons. We see beauty to be something so much deeper: That our beauty not be in our body, but in the qualities we embody that make us beautiful from within. That our beauty not be in our face, but in how we face our challenges with courage, strength, resilience and optimism. That our beauty not be in the length of our hair but the length we’ll go to help others and to pursue the desires in our heart. That our beauty not be measured by the weight of our bodies but by the weight of our kindness and compassion. That our beauty not be in baring our bodies, but in baring our heart and souls, taking our masks off and having the confidence to show the world who we really are. That we spend less time worrying about our cellulite and more time celebrating and living our life. That instead of trying to resist aging, we embrace being aged by wisdom, strength and compassion, knowing a beautiful heart and soul get even more beautiful with time. That we place more focus on living beautifully than just looking beautifully knowing that our truest beauty has nothing to do with how our face or body looks, but everything to do with how our life looks. Because a beautiful appearance eventually fades, but a beautiful life will keep us beautiful forever. It lives on in the hearts of others. 



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