Our goal is to inspire and support women and girls of all ages to LIVE BEAUTIFULLY and embrace all that's possible for their lives.To empower them to bring out their M.I.L.D. side (Make a difference, Inspire others, Live fully, Dream big) and use it to make life beautiful for themselves and for others. And that means....to love others deeply, follow their dreams, take chances, be adventurous, achieve their goals, work hard, have fun, be honest, take care of themselves, embrace new challenges, give back, believe in themselves, live with optimism, courage, perseverance, integrity and a grateful heart. We want to be a community where every woman is empowered to believe in herself and her ability to make a difference, overcome her challenges, reach her potential, and realize her dreams. To be a place she can connect with other women living beautiFULLY who inspire us with their courage, heart, smarts, determination, and perseverance and how fully they embrace life.

We believe every woman’s beauty routine should include taking time to focus on her life. When we start focusing on our lives, we take on a whole new kind of beauty. There’s nothing more beautiful than a loving, passionate, strong, confident, empowered woman who is making the most of the life she’s been given! Living a beautiFULL life requires taking the time to create it. Just like any beauty routine, you have to put some effort into it. You can't expect a beautiful life to just come to you; you have to make it happen. By sharing valuable tips and insights--Beauty FULL-LIVING Tips--we hope to help others grow in beauty—grow in confidence, courage, strength, resilience, gratitude, happiness, laughter, joy and self-care. Beautiful looks fade, but a beautiFULL life keeps you beautiful forever...

The Girls Gone M.I.L.D.
Beauty Full-Living Tips(TM)  

1. For beautiful eyes, look for ways to spread kindness, love and positivity 
2. For beautiful lips, speak honestly, considerately and respectfully
3. For beautiful ears, listen openly, understandingly and patiently
4. For a beautiful heart, love unconditionally, be grateful and forgiving
5. For a beautiful mind, learn, grow and try new things  
6. For a beautiful face, smile, be silly and laugh often
7. For a beautiful complexion, shine confidently, uniquely and passionately 
8. For beautiful hands, reach out to others with compassion, empathy and love
9. For beautiful arms, lift others up with encouragement, support and praise
10. For beautiful legs, take brave steps toward your dreams and goals
11. For beautiful muscles, grow stronger through challenges
12. For a beautiful life, live each day to the fullest and live without regrets! 

Remember—our bodies aren’t our masterpiece; our life and heart is. What's most important is being gorgeous on the INSIDE. Genuine beauty radiates from our heart; not our looks. You only get one chance at life...Live it BeautiFULLY!






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