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It's Girls Gone M.I.L.D.!  And w
e are Beauty. Redefined.

We are beautiful, but not for the traditional reasons. We’re beautiful for the way we live and love; not for the way we look. We are beautiful from the INSIDE OUT...We are beautiful for the way we use our hearts to love and care for others. We are beautiful for the way our lips speak kindness, honesty and encouragement. We are beautiful for the sparkle in our eyes that comes from following our dreams and passions as well as inspiring others to follow theirs. We are beautiful for the way we use our minds and talents and work hard to reach our potential and overcome our challenges. Our beauty shines from the inside out. The most attractive things about us have less to do with our face and body and more to do with what lies beyond the physical aspect of beauty. We have smokin’ hot hearts, gorgeous minds and ambition, big dreams and goals, and are well-endowed with confidence, courage, strength and determination. And we use ‘em to make life beautiful for ourselves and for others! We love bringing beauty to those around us.
We believe our truest beauty comes from how we live and love.
Our looks aren't what makes us beautiful—our life is!  

 Girls Gone M.I.L.D. is an initiative inspiring women and girls to recognize and embrace those qualities that make us beautiful beyond our looks. To help them see how amazing they are from the inside out.

Girls Gone M.I.L.D…We are women Living BeautiFULLY


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