"Be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Ghandi

Society places a high value on the physical beauty of a woman. And though I think we should all want to take good care of the bodies we’ve been given (Afterall, we only have one body and it's what gives us the opportunity to live the life we want), I don’t want to live in a world that places more emphasis and value on a woman's looks than on a woman's heart, mind and character. I want to live in a world where women have an unshakable sense of their own worthiness and beauty outside of their looks. Where we redefine beauty to be something so much deeper:

That our beauty not be in our body, but in the qualities we embody that make us beautiful from within. That our beauty not be in our face, but in how we face our challenges with courage, strength, resilience and optimism. That our beauty not be in the length of our hair but the length we’ll go to help others and to pursue the desires in our heart. That our beauty not be measured by the weight of our bodies but by the weight of our kindness and compassion. That our beauty not be in baring our bodies, but in baring our heart and souls, taking our masks off and having the confidence to show the world who we really are. That we spend less time worrying about our cellulite and more time celebrating and living our life. That instead of trying to resist aging, we embrace being aged by wisdom, strength and compassion, knowing a beautiful heart and soul get even more beautiful with time. That we place more focus on living beautifully than just looking beautifully knowing that our truest beauty has nothing to do with how our face or body looks, but everything to do with how our life looks. Because a beautiful appearance eventually fades, but a beautiful life will keep us beautiful forever. It lives on in the hearts of others. 

Girls Gone M.I.L.D. is on a mission to redefine beauty by taking the focus off our looks and putting it on our lives. Offering an entirely new definition so when the world tries to define beauty for us, we are confidently prepared to respond with our new definition: We are Girls Gone M.I.L.D.—We are Beauty. Redefined. Our body isn’t what makes us most beautiful—our life is. We place more focus and value on living beautifully than living up to society’s beauty standard. We strive to be a beautiful person. Perhaps it's time for society as a whole to re-evaluate and re-define which aspect of women's beauty we put the most value on. True beauty starts on the inside.








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