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Julie is the author of a best-selling, national award-winning book titled: Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women: 12 Ground Rules for Pouring Your Heart into Life. It captured the hearts of readers across the country, becoming an Amazon.com best-seller and being named a finalist in the prestigious National Best Books Awards from USA Book News which honors the most outstanding books in the self-improvement genre. It also received the National Indie Excellence Award recognizing the “best of the best” in book publishing. Julie's Ground Rules for Life(C) have become a treasured recipe for life for many of those who have read the book--called a dose of inspiration for the heart and soul. Julie's heart, humor, and warmth radiate throughout the pages. Women of all ages are drawn to and can easily relate to her powerful stories, lessons and wisdom. Her coffee-themed approach to life fulfillment is the perfect blend of creativity, motivation and inspiration to give readers of all ages and from all walks of life a boost. Overflowing with heart-warming stories and 12 life-changing strategies, her coffee-themed approach to life fulfillment captures your heart and takes you on a personal journey toward a life filled to the brim with enjoyment.

People often ask where her inspiration for these "Ground Rules" for Life came from... Julie knew from an early age that coffee was far more than just a drink to her. At 3-years old, she started drinking coffee and dunking sugar cookies with her Grandma on the farm (despite others saying that 'coffee would stunt her growth!'). Since then, she has never missed a day without coffee. Julie still loves to take coffee breaks, visit coffee shops, bake and sample sweets to accompany her coffee habit. She found a creative way to blend her love for coffee and her passion for living life to the fullest. Through the Inspirational Coffee Club® brand, Julie shares one-of-a-kind strategies (what she calls 'Ground Rules') that teach others how to pour their hearts into a life that overflows with fulfillment. Julie's Ground Rules for Life© are a reflection of her own journey along with the wisdom and knowledge of other personal growth experts she's received over the years. Julie is a fun-loving, inspiring coffee-lover with a passion for teaching others how to get every last drop out of each and every day.

Julie Clark Lingen's 12 Ground Rules for Life©

  • Schedule inspirational coffee breaks - Refill your mind, body & soul
  • Be the leader of your own coffee club - Believe in yourself
  • Find your special blend - Be true to yourself
  • Take control of your brew - Create your future
  • Don't be afraid to burn your tongue - Take some chances
  • Choose to see your cup half full - Stay positive
  • You're never guaranteed another cup - Savor today
  • Take time to fill another's cup - Make a difference
  • Leave room for cream and sugar - Enjoy yourself
  • Coffee tastes better when shared - Love fully
  • A cracked cup is a treasure - Triumph over trials
  • Your cup runneth over - Count your blessings
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Julie reaches people well beyond her books, being a popular keynote speaker, life coach and entrepreneur, including designing her own line of empowering t-shirts and other products through her Life is Short™ brand. Her next book in the coffee break series will be released soon and is titled: Inspirational Coffee Breaks with Dad: Lessons from the Heart of My Unsung Hero. It’s a tribute to her late dad and is filled with powerful life lessons to help us all live our best lives and reach our full potential. 

Life is Short…Pour Your Heart Into It!

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