We all need support for this journey. It’s too easy to lose heart for life. It’s also easy to go through life feeling alone, like no one can possibly understand what we’re going through. We need to know we’re not alone. My goal was to create a positive, uplifting community, a place where people can come to feel loved and supported and get reinspired for life. That’s why I created The Inspirational Coffee Club, inspired by the days back in my grandma’s kitchen, to give all of us a warm, caring place to keep us encouraged and inspired when life has poured everything out of us. (Read our story here.) Our mission is simple: To be a loving support group for life, offering inspiration, encouragement, and motivation for the daily grind. To be a place to get refreshed, rejuvenated and gain a fresh perspective on life. To refill ourselves when it feels like life has poured everything out of us. To meet the everyday challenges of life courageously so we don’t lose heart for life. To provide wisdom, advice, and lessons learned and strategies to help us live fully so we aren’t filled with regrets in the end. To help inspire each other to live our best lives. We’re all in this life together. Life can be hard, but together, we can help each other through it. So pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer), and let’s help each other Get to Living!

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