Inspirational Coffee Break… Interview Series

Welcome to The Inspirational Coffee Club’s Inspirational Coffee Break blog series. Where we share thought-provoking conversations, life stories and interviews about life. I love hearing people's stories. In fact, I believe it's sharing our stories that helps us heal. Our stories and experiences are unique to us, but pain is universal. We all experience it. There's power in the stories of our lives and the meaning we find in them. There is so much wisdom within each of us. I believe every person we meet has a story to tell and valuable lessons and insights to teach us that we can apply to our own lives. We have so much to gain by seeking the life wisdom of other people. Through other people's stories, life experiences and challenges, lessons learned, wisdom and advice, we get reinspired for our own journey. We learn how to live better by listening to other people’s stories and soaking up their life lessons. We all experience wake-up calls or life-altering experiences that change us and teach us so much about ourselves—the falls, the hurt, the pain, the set-backs, the failures, the losses, the regrets and the healing. Disappointments, setbacks and challenges are meant to strengthen us; not destroy us. This is a collection of conversations with others who are generous and courageous enough to share their life. We are all students of life—experience is our best teacher and most of us have advanced degrees from ‘The School of Hard Knocks’. Everything that shows up in our life—the good, the bad, the ugly—can help us grow, if we allow ourselves to learn the lessons. Grief, sorrow and disappointment are difficult to endure, but in time, there usually is a lesson to be learned. What we have learned in our lifetimes through our struggles, challenges, trials and errors, triumphs and victories can be used to help other people. To give them hope and encouragement for the future, to help them heal from the past, and to help them live more fully in the present. Who we are and what we've been through can help others live better. It can inspire others on how they can improve their lives based on what you've learned in your life and hopefully have less regrets. The past is where we learn the lessons; the future is where we apply them.


What has life been trying to teach you? Instead of questioning, "Why is this happening to me?" Start asking, "What am I learning?"

"Once you stop learning, you start dying." Albert Einstein

Remember, we’re all in this life together. So grab your favorite beverage and pull up a chair, and join me for an Inspirational Coffee Break that just might change your life.   


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