Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women: 12 Ground Rules for Pouring Your Heart into Life 

When I began working on my own healing and growth journey years ago, I began filling my life with positive, uplifting books and materials, absorbing as much wisdom, insight, knowledge and life lessons as I could. I was trying to find healthy ways to process my pain and heal so I could move forward and embrace my life to the fullest. I read many inspiring stories of courage, perseverance, strength and resilience. And wouldn’t you know, I usually always had a cup of coffee in hand. There’s just something so soothing, inspiring and even healing about a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in another. Each little coffee break offered a bit more wisdom, inspiration and healing so I began calling this my ‘Inspirational Coffee Break’ time. I can honestly say those little coffee breaks changed my life. And still do! Drinking in wisdom, life lessons and inspiration from the stories of others continues to help transform and shape me into the woman I am today. My ‘Inspirational Coffee Breaks’ are a big part of my personal growth journey that continue to this day. I can say with certainty they make me better equipped to handle life, live more fully and help me become the best version of myself.

Over the years, I was encouraged to put some of my favorite lessons, stories and pearls of wisdom that I’d uncovered during my years of taking these Inspirational Coffee Breaks into my own book to pass along to others. So I took the lessons I'd learned and put my own unique spin on them--COFFEE-themed personal growth and fulfillment. I called them my ‘12 Ground Rules for Life’ and titled the book Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women: 12 Ground Rules for Pouring Your Heart into Life. And I figured even if just my closest friends and family read it, it would be worth it because it would be a part of me they could always keep close to their heart. That little self-published book received two national book awards, being named a finalist in the prestigious National Best Books Awards from USA Books News which honors the most outstanding books in the self-improvement genre. It also received the National Indie Excellence Award, recognizing the “best of the best” in book publishing. It became an bestseller, which then turned into requests for speaking and coaching and I guess you could say the rest is history. I can hear my Grandma saying, “I told you coffee wouldn’t stunt your growth!!” Smile And I hope she would be proud of the woman I’ve become thanks in large part to her. You can read that story here.

Those Ground Rules have become a treasured recipe for life for many of those who have read the book—a dose of inspiration for the heart and soul. My Ground Rules for Life© are both a reflection of some of the lessons I’ve learned on my own journey along with the wisdom and knowledge of other personal growth experts I’ve received over my years of reading and learning: 

The 12 Ground Rules for Life©

  • Schedule inspirational coffee breaks - Refill your mind, body & soul
  • Be the leader of your own coffee club - Believe in yourself
  • Find your special blend - Be true to yourself
  • Take control of your brew - Create your future
  • Don't be afraid to burn your tongue - Take some chances
  • Choose to see your cup half full - Stay positive
  • You're never guaranteed another cup - Savor today
  • Take time to fill another's cup - Make a difference
  • Leave room for cream and sugar - Enjoy yourself
  • Coffee tastes better when shared - Love fully
  • A cracked cup is a treasure - Triumph over trials
  • Your cup runneth over - Count your blessings

"Overflowing with heart-warming stories and 12 life-changing strategies, this coffee-themed approach to life fulfillment will capture your heart and take you on a personal journey toward a life filled to the brim with enjoyment."



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What readers are saying:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Where was this book 20 years ago?! I have already ordered more copies and plan to share it with my book club. It is great!" (Lynn)  

 “I have never read a book that I couldn't wait to read again, with highlighter in hand to mark the areas that were especially touching. It made me laugh, it made me cry. A book that truly warmed my heart and inspired my soul.” (Jackie)

"I loved Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women! I believe reading this book has helped me put joy back into my life again after having post-partum depression. Thank you for writing it!" (Anonymous)

“This book is one of the best I have read for teaching you how to get a grip on your life. Written especially for women, everything is very cleverly related back to coffee (and coffee breaks). Although a tea drinker myself, it makes the book fun to read and helps to lighten up what can be a tedious topic. I would highly recommend this book to any woman (or man for that matter) who wants a straight forward but fun approach to taking control of your life.” (CGS1802)

 I love this book! Julie has put powerful and helpful information in an easy-to-read and understand book. The coffee theme is great! You will surely recognize yourself in one or more of the chapters and be able to use the helpful advice. Truly an inspiration - it could change your life!”  (DBC)

“This book will touch and motivate you to become a better person, whether you are a working woman, a stay at home mom, or a young woman just out of college. It leaves you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.” (jthess)

“This is a must-read book!” (Erin)