I grew up believing in the healing power of a cup of coffee and a safe, loving place to let your guard down and get refreshed when you feel like life has poured everything out of you. It began as a little kid growing up on my grandparents’ farm. My grandma was part of a coffee club of friends who would get together regularly and talk about life. I loved helping her during the months she hosted. During her coffee club time, there was always a lot of talking and laughter along with lots of coffee and treats. My grandma taught me how to take my very first coffee breaks when I was about 3-years old by dunking cookies into my coffee. Some of my grandma's friends said that coffee would stunt my growth, but I’m sure glad my grandma didn’t listen! Wink I always enjoyed being around those loving ladies, listening and learning from their conversations. They openly shared their lives (the good and the bad) along with their love, support, encouragement, advice and wisdom with each other. When they were done, their cups were always empty but their hearts were always so full. Those times with my grandma made me realize the importance of heart-to-heart connection with others and having the loving support of people who truly care. I realized leaning on others makes us even stronger for life. When I look back, I now know that’s why grandma had her monthly coffee club. She needed others, too. That monthly coffee club wasn’t just coffee and conversation, it was her support group for life. The truth is, we need all each other. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that love, support and connection is everything. We need to know that when life knocks us down, we are not alone. That we have others to lean on. Life can be hard, but together, we can help each other through it.

 “Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts.” Unknown

It’s no surprise that I’ve carried that love of coffee, conversation and heart-to-heart connection into adulthood. I continue to love drinking in wisdom, courage and strength from others. And coffee remains one of those comfort things with me. I still believe in the power of a cup of coffee and a listening ear. Some of my greatest conversations, insights and breakthroughs have happened over coffee…lessons have been learned, wisdom has been shared, ideas have been born, dreams have emerged, friendships have deepened, life’s problems have been solved (or at least forgotten for a few moments.) Over the years, I have shared a lot of laughter, tears and aha moments over coffee…. The idea for The Inspirational Coffee Club being one of them. We all need support for this journey called life. There is comfort in knowing we aren’t alone in our struggles. The positive impact we are able to have on each other by sharing the ups and downs of life is immeasurable. That's why I created The Inspirational Coffee Club. Our mission is simple: to be a loving support group for life. It’s too easy to lose heart for life. It’s also easy to go through life feeling alone, like no one can possibly understand what we’re going through. We need to know we’re not alone. My goal was to create an uplifting community where people can come to feel loved and supported and get reinspired for life. To learn from and lean on one another. To provide wisdom, real-life advice and lessons learned. To help inspire each other to live our best lives. To meet the everyday challenges of life courageously so we don't lose heart for life. Inspired by those cherished days back in my grandma's kitchen, surrounded by her own little inspirational coffee club, to give all of us a warm, caring place to keep us encouraged and inspired when life has poured everything out of us. It's also my little way of leaving a legacy for the woman who left such a big imprint on my heart.

So pull up a chair and pour yourself a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer), and let’s help each other Get to Living!





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