Julie Clark Lingen inspires audiences with her warmth, humor and love. Julie has a unique ability to relate to audience members on a very personal level. She lovingly draws them into her life and into her heart, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Within minutes, you feel like you’re having a heart-to-heart conversation with a best friend. Having experienced her share of both the ups and downs in life, she’s not afraid to disclose the imperfect parts of her life so others know they’re not alone. Julie’s presentations are filled with powerful lessons and stories from her unique life experiences that seem to reach into the lives of everyone in the room. She brings audiences straight into her heart, making them reflect on how fully they are living their own life and inspiring them to want to embrace the days they have. Julie’s motivational and inspirational messages will make you look at the preciousness of your own life from a fresh perspective. She’s full of life, full of feist, full of love and full of fun.

Julie has delivered messages to thousands of people, from women’s groups to non-profits to church groups to corporate and healthcare professionals to ladies nights out to survivor events to schools and colleges.


The Test of Your Lifetime/Life’s Greatest Test…Are you living or are you letting life pass you by? 

The D.N.A. of Living: How to Bring Yourself to LIFE! Bringing yourself back to LIFE! 

The D.N.A. of Greatness: Activating your greatness within/live the life you were born to live

Pour Your Heart into Life!

Bring out your MILD side: Living your most beautiful life 




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What Meeting Planners are Saying

"You know you must be a fabulous speaker when months after our event, people are still talking about you! I am still getting emails from attendees saying they loved your message and authenticity. Thank you for making our Holiday Luncheon a real success. I highly recommend Julie for your next event!"
- Barb C. Society of Human Resource Management, Midwest Region

What Attendees Are Saying

“You spoke a Women in Business mentoring luncheon years ago and I have not forgotten your message. I thought your presentation was awesome! You know you must be a powerful speaker if people still remember you years afterward!”

 - Kristi B., Norfolk, NE