Julie Clark Lingen is the type of speaker that people remember long after her message. Julie has a unique ability to relate to audience members of all ages on a very personal level. She lovingly draws them into her life and into her heart, sparking tears one moment and laughter the next. Within minutes, you will feel like you're having a heart-to-heart conversation with a best friend. Her love for life and for others is contagious. Julie fills her presentations with memorable lessons and real stories from her own unique life experiences that touch the heart of everyone in the room. Using her own powerful personal story, she challenges those around her to reflect on how fully they are living their own life and inspires them to live without regrets. Multiple audiences have said her inspiring story is “a life-altering message we all need to hear.”

Julie has delivered keynotes and motivational speeches to thousands of people across the country, including women’s groups, non-profits, chambers, schools and colleges, hospitals, churches, ladies nights out, Go Red for Women luncheons, appreciation banquets, survivor events, military and business organizations. Her audiences range from big to small, young to old, business professionals to retirees and stay-at-home moms.

“We’ve had the honor of hosting Julie as our keynote speaker twice now. In fact, we brought her back by popular demand because people loved her so much the first time! She left such a lasting impact. What sets her apart from others is simply WHO she is. Julie has a way about her that is so genuine, warm and loving, and people are drawn to her vibrant, fun-loving personality. She is kind-hearted, fun, professional and gracious, all wrapped up into one dynamic speaker!”  Barb ~Events Manager~Women on the Prairie Conference

Julie has five unique presentations that are guaranteed to touch the hearts of your audience and inspire positive life changes to help them live more fully:

Keynote Topics:

(Can also be called: LIFE'S GREATEST TEST: Will you pass yours?)

Julie’s incredibly powerful and moving signature presentation is one audiences won’t soon forget and just might change the entire course of their lives. Julie openly and vulnerably shares her personal story of living 50% at-risk for a cruel terminal illness that threatens to cut her life short. Using her own touching story, she challenges audience members to embrace the uncertainty of life to live more fully today, reminding them that none of us knows what the future holds. Facing a Life-or-Death Test, Julie uses her own fateful situation to challenge audiences to look at life from a different perspective: Our greatest risk isn’t dying…it’s letting life pass us by. We shouldn’t be afraid of dying; we should be afraid of not FULLY LIVING. This emotionally moving speech will give audience members a thought-provoking wake-up call and have them questioning how fully they are living their own life. Julie reminds them that it should not take a life-threatening illness to wake up to living life to the fullest and shares lessons for living the rest of life without regrets. Audience members will be inspired and motivated to stop wasting precious time, to push past their greatest fears, to stop procrastinating their dreams, and to start making changes to live the life they truly desire. This is one of those speeches that could change your life. Her story is incredibly inspiring, moving and uplifting. Some have even said it’s a message everyone needs to hear.

“A MUST-HEAR message! This is a message I think everyone needs to hear. It is life-changing! It has changed the way my husband and I live our lives, and sparked conversations we’ve never had together. Julie is such an inspiration!” Shelli, Rotary SF  

~ POUR YOUR HEART INTO LIFE: "Ground Rules" for Savoring Each Day to the Fullest  

One of Julie’s most popular and beloved signature messages based off her best-selling, nationally award-winning book: Inspirational Coffee Breaks for Women: 12 Ground Rules for Pouring Your Heart into Life. This speech consistently delights audiences with her unique outlook and one-of-a-kind coffee-themed approach to personal fulfillment and happiness—what she calls her ‘Ground Rules’ for Life™. It's filled to the brim with heart, humor and hope! In this fun, light-hearted presentation, Julie shows audiences how to live more meaningfully and positively every day while leaving a lasting impact on those around them. The perfect blend of inspiration and fun, audiences enjoy her wonderful real-life stories and memorable, humorous insights and leave with a fresh perspective on life. She shares practical ways for living each day more fully. Perfect for groups looking to give their audience members a jolt of inspiration, a dose of encouragement and laughter, and some fresh-brewed enthusiasm for life. Its built-in coffee theme is popular for women’s events of all kinds and relatable to women (and men) of all ages. Audiences come away feeling inspired and re-energized for life. Her ‘Ground Rules™’ are sure to inspire and be remembered long after her presentation. Julie loving dedicates this speech to her late Grandma who taught her how to take coffee breaks at 3-years old by dunking cookies into her coffee. She’s been hooked ever since. 

“People are still talking about you from when you spoke at our event a couple years ago. You were such a hit and your message hit right at home for so many of us that we couldn’t wait to have you back again!”  Sara, Risen Savior Church

~ LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST: Aging Positively and Never Growing Old 
an also be called: YOUNG AT HEART: Wisdom for Ageless Living)

We can’t prevent aging, but we can prevent growing old. The fountain of youth is found in how we live. In her fun and inspiring way, Julie shares five “Anti-Aging” Tips for Life to help us age positively and never grow old no matter how long we live. Her Anti-Aging Tips will have audiences laughing out loud while also inspiring them to start living more fully than they’ve ever lived before. Using her own touching personal story, she challenges audiences to see aging from a whole different perspective—we shouldn’t dread aging; we should embrace it because aging is a privilege not everyone gets to experience. She will have you cherishing your remaining days more gratefully than ever. Audience members will get re-inspired to not let their life grow old, realizing we’re never too old to: rekindle our dreams, revive our courage to take chances, reignite our passion and enthusiasm, unleash our laughter and playfulness and to make a difference with our love and kindness. She brings audience members to a personal crossroads, challenging them to ask themselves: Which path will you choose for the rest of your life? And spurring them to make positive changes NOW to finish life strong. Julie lovingly inspires people of all ages to realize it’s never too late to change the direction of their life or to reinvent themselves to become the person they really want to be. Audiences of all ages love and relate to Julie's "Anti-Aging" Tips for Life. This speech is a wonderful fit for audiences 55+.  

“I have seen Julie speak multiple times, and would travel anywhere to see her again! I think everyone should hear her! She’s so genuine and inspiring.”  Arlis, Menno Women’s Retreat 


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(Can also be called: GIRLS GONE KIND: Let your beautiful life shine! (for younger audiences) or AGING BEAUTY-FULLY (for older audiences) 

In this delightful and fun keynote, Julie inspires women and girls of all ages to let their beautiful life shine! Using her one-of-a-kind Beauty-Full Living Tips™, she shares inspiration that will completely redefine the way we see our own beauty. Audience members will never look at themselves in the mirror the same way again. In this popular and empowering message, Julie challenges audiences to remember where our truest beauty shines…not in how we look; but in how we live and love. A beautiful appearance will last a few decades, but a beautiful life and heart will keep us beautiful forever. The real beauty in life is the power of our heart to make a meaningful and lasting impact. In a memorable way, she shares her ‘Beauty Tips™ for living a beautiful life we love and that touches the lives of others, including: using our eyes to look for ways to spread kindness and love; using our lips to speak encouragement; and using our legs to take courageous steps toward our dreams. This is an enjoyable and relatable message for women and girls off ALL ages about letting their best, most beautiful life shine from the inside out, empowering them to be kind, loving, joyful, confident, courageous, positive and strong, and reminding them that their make-up, hair and appearance can’t change the world; but the woman behind them—and the heart inside her—can. Using her own real-life stories, she demonstrates how our own beautiful heart has the power to change the world. Audience members will learn how to live a happy, inspired life and be a beacon of kindness in the world. It’s a refreshing and inspiring message that will stick with audiences for years. Perfect for ladies nights out, Women’s Expos, school youth groups, church groups, etc.

"Julie has a natural ability to connect with and inspire women of any age. Everyone loved her humor and enthusiasm. I would have her back in a heartbeat! She is fabulous!" Jennifer, Avera McKennan Hospital

“I loved this! Your presentation really inspired me. Your 'Beauty Tips' are AWESOME! You even made me cry a couple times. Thank you so much!” ~Liz, Student, Alcester-Hudson School

~ THE HEART OF A HERO: Lessons For Discovering Your Own Hero Within  

In this motivating and impactful keynote, Julie inspires audiences of all ages to discover their own hero and greatness within by taking them on a journey straight into the heart of her own Unsung Hero—her dad, sharing timeless life lessons all of us can relate to and apply in our day-to-day lives. Julie’s dad gave her the greatest gift a daughter could ask for before he died—a piece of his heart. Just a few years prior, her dad—a disabled Purple Heart Army Veteran—started opening up to her, sharing his incredibly personal and touching experiences of his time in the Vietnam War, stories he’d never shared with anyone in over 40 years since the war, including being fatally shot and fighting for his life in one of the cruelest battles in U.S. history—Hamburger Hill. Julie’s heart-to-heart conversations with her dad—precious time which has now become cherished memories—are what inspired her to write her second book: Inspirational Coffee Breaks with Dad: Lessons from the Heart of My Unsung Hero. (To be released in 2018.) His stories are nothing short of amazing and inspire others to want to be a better person. Her dad’s stories and life wisdom now live on as gift and guide to us all and Julie feels honored to get to share them with audiences to inspire and encourage them to find their own hero within by living each day with more courage, confidence, resilience, optimism, hope, gratitude, kindness and compassion. Audience members will leave feeling more empowered to live with the heart of a hero including, making positive changes to live their best life, rising up to challenges, not letting fear hold them back and leaving a lasting impact on the heart of others. She lovingly dedicates this speech to her dad and all who selflessly serve our country.

“WOW! WOW! WOW! I was blown away the first time I saw Julie do her ‘Pour Your Heart into Life’ keynote and I am blown away again by her ‘Be All You Can Be’ message. It’s the second time she’s made me cry. I even had tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert 5 hours away, but decided to stay and risk being late so I could hear Julie’s entire message and I’m so glad I did! She will not disappoint!”  Tami, Our Savior’s Lutheran



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The Buzz About Julie: 

 "Julie was a hit at our women’s mentoring luncheon! I continue to hear nothing but amazing feedback. She gave the women in my audience distinct steps to take for success and happiness in life. She did it with humor, emotion, and grace. I highly recommend her for any event that wants to both educate and inspire its audience."

~ Marcy K.
Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

 "You know you must be a fabulous speaker when months after our event, people are still talking about you! I am still getting emails from attendees saying they loved your message and authenticity. Thank you for making our Holiday Luncheon a real success. I highly recommend Julie for your next event!"

~ Barb C. Society of Human Resource Management, Midwest Region 



"Julie has a natural ability to connect with and inspire women of any age. I was honored to have her speak at my volunteer appreciation luncheon. Everyone loved her wit and enthusiasm. I would have her back in a heartbeat! She is fabulous! "

~ Jennifer G.
Avera Mckennan Hospital 



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