What if ONE TEST could alter the entire outcome of your life…



I never imagined I’d be at a crossroads like this. Facing what some call The Test of a Lifetime: Deciding whether or not to take the genetic test that can tell me if I've inherited the gene for Huntington's Disease—a fatal genetic disorder labeled one of the cruelest diseases in the world. The odds are 50:50. A simple blood test can reveal my fate. It’s surreal knowing one simple test could completely change the course of my future; one single gene has the ability to change the entire outcome of my life. It’s also a test which I can do nothing to alter since at this point, there is no cure and no preventative measures to slow or alter the progression. It’s one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make: Do I continue to live ‘at-risk’ or do I learn my fate? While the test is simple, the choice to take it is not. If there was a 50% chance of something terrible happening to you that you couldn’t do anything to prevent, would you want to know it was coming? Would YOU want to know what the future holds if there's nothing you could do to change it? It's a question I've pondered for years.


A SHOCKING WAKE-UP CALL: Putting life back into perspective--None of us truly knows what the future holds or how much time we have left.

I used to spend a lot of time worrying about what the future holds, fearing how and when I might die. And then one day, one of my best friends since junior high died unexpectedly at 37-years old--here one day; gone the next--no time to even say a final goodbye. My dear friend's sudden and shocking death was another life-changing wake-up call, putting life back into perspective: Life is short for all of us. None of us truly knows what the future holds or how much time we have left. Life is fragile and unpredictable. Things can change in a heartbeat. Uncertainty and death are both part of life. We're all going to die, and we don't know when. For the most part, dying is out of our control. Living 50% at-risk for a terminal illness is scary, but what I've learned over the years is this: We all have the same fate. Dying isn't something we should fear or ignore like it will never happen to us; it's a reality we ALL need to embrace to help us live more fully today. The uncertainty of the future shouldn't scare us; it should inspire and motivate us to LIVE MORE URGENTLY NOW! To stop waiting and start living! Most of us don't realize this, but dying is NOT our greatest risk... Though the fear of dying scares most people, our greatest risk isn't dying...everybody dies...our greatest risk is not fully living before we die! We're ALL at-risk for letting life pass us by! (Read my full story here.)

Don't fear dying; fear not living! All of us are dying, but not all of us are FULLY LIVING!

A Much Bigger Picture: The REAL Test of Our Lifetime--It's not about how we die; it's about how we live!  

Facing a Life-or-Death test has challenged me to look at life from a much bigger perspective: Though the test I'm facing for Huntington's is certainly a life-altering one, the reality of life is this: Eventually we’re all going to face our own Test of Our Lifetime on our deathbed, when we’re looking back on our life, asking ourselves, “Did I live or did I let life pass me by?” That’s the REAL Test of Our Lifetime. Not how we die; but how we LIVE. And the question you should be asking yourself NOW is: Will you pass yours? Because the results of THAT Test don’t belong to fate—they belong to YOU and the choices you make for your life today. Sadly, a lot of people don’t pass their own Test in the end. In fact, the world is full of people on their deathbed who look back on their life with so many regrets for how they wish they’d lived differently and made changes sooner when they had the chance. They review their life with a heavy heart wishing so badly they could go back and change some things. ARE YOU GOING TO BE ONE OF THEM? It's not your life that flashes before your eyes when you're dying; it's your regrets. Everything you'd go back and change if only you had more time... Dying is not the worst thing that can happen to us. What's worse is getting to the end of our life and regretting the way we lived (or didn't live). What's most painful is coming face-to-face with the person we 'could have been.' Reflecting on the life we really wanted to live, but didn't. There's nothing more painful than regret. It's not dying we should be afraid of. It's regret. And not passing our own Test in the end. Dying is inevitable, but regret is preventable. So the Test I'm choosing to place my focus on right now--and inspire others to do so as well--is the Test in which I can control the results: We can't control how and when we die, we can only control how fully we live the days we are given. And that's really what matters most: In the end, it's not the number of years in our life that matter; it's how fully we live the time we are given. We've got to let go of what we can't control (dying) and focus on what we can (living!). We may not be able to prevent dying, but we can prevent regret. THAT'S where our power lies. Hearing how many people die with regrets on their deathbed causing them so much anguish, I wanted to find a way to use my situation and story to help change that. It's what has sparked a mission dear to my heart I'm calling: REGRET PREVENTION.

Life is a Test we only get to study for once. There are no do-overs or make-up Tests to get it right. We all have a limited time to study so we need to get to living!!  NONE OF US KNOWS HOW MUCH TIME WE HAVE LEFT SO WE NEED TO STOP WASTING IT. It's time to start making changes to live the rest of your life so you don't have regrets! Are you living so you won't have regrets?


A New Mission and Movement: REGRET PREVENTION

We could spend less time looking back with regrets by spending more time looking at how we're living today. And making changes to finish life strong!

Many people get to their deathbed and realize they forgot to live.

We all know that dying is a natural part of life, but what shocks me is how many people are completely unprepared for it! So many people get distracted, wait too long to start living, and before they know it, life has passed them by. They aren't even fully present for most of their lives. Oftentimes people don't even start living until they have a wake-up call or until it's too late. That realization is what’s inspired me to want to use my situation as a way to help others by dedicating the rest of my life to helping people better prepare for and pass The Test of Their Lifetime. It's sparked a new mission in my heart to challenge people to Get to living and not let life pass them by! Life is a Test we only get to study for and take once. HOW FULLY ARE YOU STUDYING? We each are given a limited amount of time to study. There are no do-overs, no re-takes, no next-time-around's to get it right. It is our responsibility to study as fully as we can in the time we are given.

To motivate and inspire people to embrace the unknown.

“The REAL Test of Our Lifetime isn't about how we's about how fully we LIVED! And the question YOU should be asking yourself now is: "Will you pass yours?” Julie Clark Lingen

Your Wake-Up Call:  Life Is a Test You Only Get to Take Once…Will You Pass Yours?

Wake-up calls are so powerful. Facing the reality that there’s a 50% chance I might have to take my Test early has changed the way I live. In a way, the uncertainty has been a gift. It’s forced me to re-evaluate my life and priorities at a younger age and inspired me to make changes to live my days more fully NOW, and not assume I will always have more time 'someday' in the future like so many others do. It's caused me to embrace life with urgency. It's helped me stay focused on what's most important in life. It's made love, laughter, friendships, faith, memories and dreams all the more precious to me. It's inspired me to love deeper, dream bigger, be more bold, courageous and adventurous with my life, build stronger relationships, deepen my faith, forgive others more quickly and make lasting memories as often as possible. It’s challenged me to get clear on what I really want to experience and accomplish in my lifetime, and to not let fear, procrastination, distraction and wrong priorities steal my precious time. In an odd way, thinking about dying has brought clarity to my life. For that, I am grateful. Most people don’t get that kind of Wake-Up call until they are older or on their deathbed. And then they realize, had they had it sooner, they would have made changes earlier to live more fully and have fewer regrets. So that got me thinking...

Most people avoid thinking about death and dying, but wouldn't it be more beneficial to us ALL to have our Wake-Up Call BEFORE we are laying on our deathbed, looking back on how we let life pass us by? Why wait until it's too late? Wouldn’t it be helpful to spend some time going over the Test early, reflecting on our life NOW, while we can still do something about it? So we could make changes BEFORE it’s too late? So we don’t have so many regrets? So you ensure you pass your own Test in the end? While we still have time to alter our fate… 

Whether we realize it or not, we're all facing our own race against time. Life is short for all of us. Instead of fearing death and avoiding it, we can use the reality of it to help us live more urgently, love more deeply, make more memories, and savor every day.

We could spend less time looking back with regrets by spending more time looking at how we’re living (or not living!) today, and making changes NOW to ensure we pass our own Test in the end.

YOUR CROSSROADS: How do you want to live the rest of your life?
Will You Be Celebrating or Regretting Your Life? That's not up to fate; it's up to YOU. 
Unlike the genetic Test which I can’t do anything to alter, the Test of Our Lifetime is one that we can alter our results based on the day-to-day choices we make for our life TODAY. This is one Test where we CAN change the results of our destiny. A single gene has the ability to change the course of my future and alter the ending of my life, but even a single positive change in lifestyle has the ability to completely alter yours. One new choice NOW can change your life and turn it in a new direction. We can’t go back and change the past, but we can start from now and make a new ending for ourselves. NOW is when you still have the ability within you to dramatically change your life. In the end, it cannot be changed. The difference between a person who is celebrating their life in the end and one who is regretting their life is the choices they make each and every day. How you invest your days can determine the difference between a sense of contentment and a sense of regret. Making life changes can be scary, but what’s even scarier is regret. You will never have another chance to live this life again. When your Test Day comes, will you be celebrating or regretting your life? Are you prepared to take a peek into your future…

We are all dying. One day each one of us will take The Test of Your Lifetime. Make sure you pass yours! Don't regret not preparing better. Death isn't something we should fear--it's something we should embrace to help us live life more fully now.

 "Instead of looking back on our deathbed with regret, let's start looking at how fully we're living today." Julie Clark Lingen

 If you could take a Test to peek into your future, knowing you could alter your fate, would you do it? Here's your chance.


If you could take a Test to peek into your future knowing you still had time to alter your fate, would you do it? 


A Test that could change the entire outcome of YOUR life...

The Test of Your Lifetime:

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